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It is fall, my friend

the leaves are falling, my dear friend

Wish you were with me

to see the season unfold

Life is forlorn

since you have left my side

still the leaves keep fallin’

‘till the trees become barren

Lifeless is this desert wasteland

not a shade of green my eye beholds

The ground with blood is covered

as the sun hides its face ashamed

sinking beneath the horizon of its rebirth

Nothing is left

The trees naked stand

The birds have left

With their once melodious songs

And the wind blows

The snow falls

blanketing the grass and ground

This season of death

Without you, my friend

Is the season of my melancholy

The seasons, they will change

But you, my friend

I shall never see again

Wish you were here, my friend

Wish that time stopped,

so I can remember you fully


You are not dead

As the season will always speak to me

of you


by Arvind Singh


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I noticed an unusual contest 3-day novel contest, which challenges writers to create a novel over the three-day holiday for labour day weekend. I dislike working under strict deadlines and only three days to write a novel. Is that enough time to produce a quality story? The contest focused my attention on the change underway around me. A few leaves are already starting to show fall colours like the Maple below.

Maple Leaf in Fall

This is the end of the Summer of 2006 and now Fall slowly begins to take shape. Fall can often display an artistic canvas with brilliant colours:

Splendour of Fall

Summer holidays have come to an end. Students will return to school and work will start up at full tilt.

School Kids on Computer


In September, the days will grow shorter as twilight becomes fleeting. The trees will lose their foliage as the autumn breeze scatters leaves, making a carpet on the ground. In November, the trees will stand bare sombrely waiting for the first snowfall.Autumn Pumpkins Autumn is also a season of harvest with bright pumpkins.

The best way to handle the transition is to welcome the change. We can experience new memories with cycles of nature as the leaves turn different hues. As writers, we can reminiscence about our experiences over the summer, whether we camped, spent lazy summers at our cottage, or tended our garden.

This summer I had removed grass from the front yard and turned it into a rock garden with help from my sister, Amardeep, and my friends, Rose and Steve. So my best memory of this Summer is how little I had to mow the lawn. 🙂

Over labour day, we can reflect on struggles that workers went through in the past to achieve rights that we today take for granted. As writers, we can raise people’s awareness of that history.

We can also experience the seasons change and capture our inspirations and observations succinctly in words. Debby’s poem Sacred Circle perfectly captures those sentiments and so it is one of my favourite poems.

Writing isn’t a secluded act isolated from the world around us, rather our lived experiences can animate our mind and make our words flow. Let the seasons inspire you to involve sensory experiences like the burnt sugar smell of fall leaves, or the scenic beauty of the season. Your lived experience best draws a reader into your work, so rely on it.

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