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Organized religion


Of set phrases

Forced ceremonials

Time-consuming rituals

Adherence to

Outward symbols

At the sacrifice

Of their inner spiritual meaning

Superiority of one creed

Over another, Power plays

Of one religion waging war

Against another

Spiritual brothers and sisters

Fighting with each other

Because there are differences of opinion

About what is the Truth

War, falsehood, hatred, and intolerance

Often preached in the name of religion

With the honour of God

And the compassionate service of


Set aside


Love has vanished altogether

Reducing religion

To a mere profession of creeds and dogmas

A “profitable” mega-business


Words replace deeds

Religion, no longer concerned with

Knowledge of one’s Self

And union with Divine origin

They seek God in the observance

Of outward means

Repetition of verbal formula

Pilgrimages, Temples, Churches,

Amidst unfeeling hearts

Reveal the depth to which

Religion may descend

Many God-gifted ones of the past

Have turned away from

Fossilized religion

And ritualistically encoded “Truth”

It is a sorrowful spectacle

And I ask

“Where is love? Where is Truth?”


Slavery is not the aim of religion

Not to bind, but to set humanity

Free from its slavery

Nature does not distinguish

Between one’s race or religion

All belong to one humanity on earth

All are equal



We learn the same lessons

From the only true teacher

Universal Cosmos


Where no distinctions are observed

Such is the true essence of Spirituality

Care for One and All

Love each other and

Learn that all faiths are to be


From the perspective that

There is no religion without a

Spark of Truth in it

The essence of Spirituality

Is radiant throughout

The teachings of all the

Great Scriptures


The Master-Souls teach

There is One Being

One Divine Light of Truth

That guides humanity

Such is spirituality

The quintessential reality

Of Love and Truth

Of compassion

And I know that

“Here” is Love, here…

Where the sound of silence is heard

And the soul is carried across

This Ocean of nescience




Love, Truth




Mystical Poetry by Deborah Morrison


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