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Previous info on Law of Attraction has showed the importance of what you think and feel in order to create the life you want. Both are important yet at a deeper layer we need to go beyond surface thoughts and feelings to deeper states of peace from which character qualities are formed. Character in fact is what attracts the best into our life. In this you and the universe are co-creators.


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The Nexus blog on WordPress has been a lot of fun and now given that we will have another book out in September 09, The Law of Attraction: How to Make It Work For You. We are delighted to have an inspiring Foreword in that book by Dr. Bernie Siegel, Introduction by Scott Shaw and an Endorsement by Joe Vitale.

With all the new developments with our writing, we are looking to have a proper website up and running soon. Any suggestions on what you’d like to see in our website that would make it inspiring, captivating and engaging for you?

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