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By Deborah Morrison

Published in Alive Magazine Sept. 2000

…here’s a practical approach to promote healing and relaxation…

Green eucalyptus leaves are sweet, with a fresh, woody aroma. The genus name “eucalyptus” is derived from “eu,” meaning well and “kalyptos,” meaning cover. Aromatherapists and herbalists may interpret the name to mean “that which covers well a variety of common conditions.”

The oil of eucalyptus has been distilled since the late 1700s for chest problems and colic and is for external use only. It induces sweating and acts as a stimulant, antibacterial and astringent (cleanser). It’s also useful for stuffy noses and relieves respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, flu, asthma and coughs.

In aromatherapy, eucalyptus promotes activity, vitality and energy. The massage oil is effective for sore and aching muscles. Blend the following essential oils for a medicinal massage:

20 drops eucalyptus

20 drops rosewood

20 drops lavender

5 drops peppermint

5 drops wintergreen

Mix 36 drops of this blend with three ounces of sweet almond oil and shake. Massage into fatigued, aching muscles and joints.

To relieve pain from an aching back, neck and shoulders, arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, stiffness or muscle soreness, first apply moist heat or take a hot bath with four drops of eucalyptus oil in the bath water.

For asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis and emphysema, place a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a cloth and inhale through the mouth, then exhale through the nose for 30 seconds. This also relieves symptoms of colds and flu, coughs, sinus and sinus headaches, stuffy nose or hay fever. Massage abdomen and chest for lower respiratory discomfort.

To heal cold sores on the outside of the mouth, dry the affected area with a cloth and then apply eucalyptus oil directly to the sore with your finger or a cotton swab. Repeat this process at least three times every 12 hours.

For rashes and insect bites, apply the oil directly to the affected area and repeat several times a day as needed. Four to five drops of eucalyptus oil in a foot bath provides relief to sore feet.

Eucalyptus is an antiseptic and the strongest natural germicide known. Apply to sores, cuts and abrasions, rashes, insect bites, minor burns and sunburn as necessary to promote healing.


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Body, Mind, Spirit: Healing With Crystals

By Deborah Morrison

“Ultimately you are just consciousness itself. When you effortlessly and continuously dwell in and act from this consciousness you will be able to work perfectly with quartz crystals…or anything.” (Silbey, 1987, 51)

I have set out in this article to arrive at a holistic appreciation of the art of healing with quartz crystals. Firstly, I will describe what quartz crystals are physically and esoterically. Secondly, I will discuss the basics of healing with quartz crystals. Thirdly, I will describe in further detail some specifics in relation to crystal healing. Finally, I will describe crystal healing in relation to the ancient civilization Atlantis.

Physically quartz crystals are formed by three basic methods. Quartz crystals are formed from magma or fiery gases of the earth’s interior. Also quartz crystals can be formed in the volcanic lava streams which reach the earth’s surface. The molten material solidifies as it cools; atoms group together to form the regularity that determines the shape and composition of the crystal. (Raphaell, 1985, 4)

Sulfur crystals grow in vents in volcanic regions. The hot mineralized gases condense into a solid state as the vapors escape from the inner earth. This type of crystal includes sulfur. (Raphaell, 4)

Calcite crystals form from water solutions, or grow near the earth’s surface with the help of organisms. These crystals are known as sedimentary minerals. Air, water, wind and ice are the erosion factors that dissolve the earth’s materials that occasionally crystallize, and form calcite. (Raphaell, 4)

No one knows for sure how long it takes for most crystals to form. Some think it may take thousands of years. Others say that when the elements are right, crystals could form in an instant. (Raphaell, 5)

Esoterically, crystals are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. All of physical creation is formed from variations of these atoms. The manner in which various atoms join together determines which molecules form and what will manifest physically as a result. (Raphaell, 4) The metaphysics of quartz crystal formation is further described as follows:

In the formation of crystalline structures, such as clear quartz, the atoms join

in perfect unity and harmony…the pulsating molecules vibrate at the same

frequency. (Raphaell,2)

When examined closely these vibrating units of energy are not really matter at all, but rather subtle vibrations attuned to the cosmic force. (Raphaell, 2) Further:

Crystals are capable of receiving, containing, projecting, emanating,

refracting, and reflecting light, which is the highest form of energy

known in the physical universe. (Raphaell, 3)

Esoterically crystals can assist in the active awakening of humanity, by teaching us how to align ourselves with the essence that creates and comprises the universe. Limitations of the mind can be transcended and :

The doors to the higher dimensions and inner planes swing wide open.


Thus far I have discussed what quartz crystals are physically and esoterically. Next I will discuss the basics of healing with crystals.

When healing with crystals one works with the subtle essence of energy, rather than that of matter. Change in the vibrations of this energy essence ultimately affects the related vibrations on the physical level. Quartz crystal healing is essentially subtle energy work to manifest positive changes physically. Quartz crystals do this because:

They have extremely high and exact rates of vibration that can be

precisely manipulated due to the crystal’s tendency to resonate in

harmony with any vibration with which it is brought into contact.

(Silbey, 191)

All healing processes that focus on the removal of symptoms should also concentrate on healing the source of the dysfunction. True healing should re-create a balance. Physical and mental illness, stress and emotional pain as well as other forms of suffering are the:

Result from a state of imbalance or disharmony. So true healing is

primarily focused on the re-creation of natural harmony in and

between the physical, mental and emotional bodies. (Silbey, 191)

I have thus far described in general the basics in relation to quartz crystal healing. Essentially quartz crystal healing involves working with the subtle energies in order to re-establish harmony and thereby ease suffering. Subsequently I will delineate some of the specifics in relation to working with quartz crystals as a dynamic method of healing.

There are many specific, active healing methods that may be used with quartz crystals. During crystal healing, the loving help of the healer’s soul is invoked:

When the positive radiation through the healer overcomes the negative

condition of the patient, healing will result. (Baker, 1875, 162)

First, when healing with crystals, make sure to clear the room, oneself, and whatever crystals used for healing. Next, the healer must be grounded and balanced. Quartz crystals are cleared by soaking them in salt water over-night, or leaving them in the sun for a day. Another way to clear crystals is by projecting a focused mental thought, or visualization that the crystal is cleared. A crystal may be programmed by the healer to perform the functions of healing. To do this the healer holds the crystal, and while gazing into it, projects the mental thought or affirmation that the particular crystal vibrate with healing energies. (Silbey, 192)

One method that may be used as a crystal healing is in relation to the chakras. First, by the use of a pendulum held in front of each chakra successively, the healer can determine the specific bio-energetic pattern of a particular chakra. The size and direction of the pendulum movement indicates the amount and direction of energy flowing through the chakra. For example:

A clock wise movement of the pendulum denotes a psycho-dynamically

open chakra…counter-clockwise, the chakra is psycho-dynamically

closed…any elliptical swing of the pendulum indicates a right/left side

imbalance of energy flow in the body etc. (Brennan, 1988, 82)

The size of the circle made by the pendulum is related to the chakra’s strength and the amount of energy flowing through it. Good health is achieved by balancing the chakras to create an even flow of energy through them all. To achieve the balanced flow of energies, the healer can use quartz crystals in relation to each particular chakra. A clear quartz crystal may be used, by pointing it directly at a particular chakra. The chakra may be in need of energizing, the flow of energies may need to be corrected. Perhaps the chakra needs to be balanced with the other chakras. By directing the high vibrations of a quartz crystal toward each chakra successively, the balance of healing may be achieved.

Another method of healing with crystals is to have the person lie down, then:

Surround their body with amethyst stones and place a rose quartz on

their heart centre. A single-terminated crystal placed at their feet,

pointing outward, will allow unwanted energy to leave the body.

Another stone pointing outward from the crown of the head will

discourage unwanted vibrations from entering. Do as you feel guided to do.

(Silbey, 192)

The healer can next work with opening and

energizing the charka points and energy meridians. This can be done by pointing the crystal toward the specific chakra and directing energy, and mental affirmations to realign any discrepancies in the person’s energetic field. After healing the chakra centres, next sweep through the entire energy field. Single terminated clear quartz crystals are effective for this type of healing work. The crystal should be held in the right hand and swept over the entire energy field of the person. Then, the healer should be sensitive to the subtle vibrations experienced. For example:

feel the crystal drawing your hand around in a spiral to a place right in

the center that feels like a pull or a tug, as if you were pulling something

out of the body with the crystal. Then toss what you pulled out off your

crystal and into the earth, where the negativity associated with the illness

can be transmuted. (Silbey, 194)

When the healer is finished the healing session, the room should once again be cleared to transmute any negative energy left in the space.

Finally, there will be:

An intuitive interaction between you, the crystal, and the body you

are working on. You will start to feel guided as you work around the

body. You will start to feel guided…As you “hear” or sense these things,

listen to them: listen to the inner intuitive voice. (Silbey, 195)

The more a crystal healer works with this intuitive voice the stronger it will become.

In essence it is the “spirit” going through the healer that does the healing. Crystals are

healing tools used to enhance the process of spiritual healing.

In the final section of this article I will relate the use of quartz crystals to the ancient

civilization Atlantis. The source of power for Atlantis is believed to be quartz crystals.

One of the first structures thought to be erected in Atlantis was the great healing Temple

(89,000 B.C.). The people who lived at this time were considered to be very advance

beings who basically “walked in the light” (Alper, 1981, 3) and did not want to become

involved in negative energies. The Temple was believed to be constructed of a marble

type material. Upon entering the Temple, there was a huge circular room. In the center

of the room was a table made of a metallic alloy, containing silver, ground crystal dust,

and copper. The table was supported by a pyramid made of crystal. Around the entire

circumference of the room were cubicles used as healing chambers. The cubicles were

composed of walls made of crystals. When people became afflicted they were placed in

the cubicles and energized by the appropriate rays. The cubicles assisted in accelerating

their rate of vibration. (Alper, 7)

During the time of Atlantis it is believed that crystals were used in a variety of ways;

Generation of power, construction of buildings, and for many forms of healing. Perhaps some of these techniques can be successfully employed by spiritual healers of today who feel attracted to integrating quartz crystals into their healing practice.

In conclusion I have touched upon the basics in terms of the physical and esoteric description of quartz crystals. In terms of healing quartz crystals can be used to successfully modify thoughts, emotions and our physical bodies. States of disharmony can be changed to harmony. The heightened vibration rate of crystals can enhance healing at all levels of one’s being. Finally, it is fascinating to learn of the various uses of quartz crystals with respect to healing in the ancient civilization of Atlantis. It is my hope that quartz crystals may become more widely understood and appreciated. It is also my hope that those working with quartz crystals may remain forever open to the revision of higher Truth, for the purposes of advancement in the field of healing with quartz crystals.

Author’s note: healing methods suggested to be used as a complement to professional medical advice.

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